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Dr. Suggs, L. Suzanne

Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland)

Associate Editors

Dr. Biocca, Frank
Dr. Games, I. Alex
Dr. Poels, Karolien
Dr. Utz, Sonja
Dr. Wang, Jin-Liang
Dr. Yan, Zheng
Dr. Zhao, Yong

Syracuse University (USA)
Microsoft Studios (USA)
University of Antwerp (Belgium)
Knowledge Media Research Center (Germany)
Southwest University (China)
University at Albany (USA)
University of Oregon (USA)

Editorial Board

Dr. Arbona, Cristina Botella
Dr. Baker, David
Dr. Carlson, John
Dr. Davidson II, William S.
Dr. Dwyer, Catherine A.
Dr. Hertlein, Katherine M.
Dr. Hoof, Joost van

Dr. Hossain, Liaquat
Krawford, Karyn
Dr. Kröger, Bernd J.
Dr. Logeswaran, Rajaszaen
Dr. Qiu, Wei
Dr. Riva, Giuseppe
Dr. Sorby, Sheryl A.
Dr. Zhang, Xi

University Jaume I (Spain)
IMPAQ International LLC (USA)
Michigan State University (USA)
Michigan State University (USA)
Pace University (USA)
University of Nevada (USA)
Fontys University of Applied Sciences
ISSO Dutch Building Services Research Institute (The Netherlands)
The University of Hong Kong (China)
Australian College of Applied Psychology (Australia)
University Hospital Aachen (Germany)
Nilai University (Malaysia)
Michigan State University (USA)
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)
The Ohio State University (USA)
Tianjin University (China)

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